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Who Is Wayne Knapcik

Hey, my name obviously is, Wayne Knapcik.

If you have a desire to improve and do better in life, than I am here to help you.

Being an average male of the baby boom era, I escaped to the beautiful state of Wisconsin from the suburbs of Chicago when I was 29. I had married my bride at age 19 and we traveled and had fun for the first ten years together,  before having kids. I always had a free and easy spirit to spread my wings and get away from the rat race. Having a degree in Marketing/Mid-Management,  I started my own retail business by age 30, after working in the retail field since high school. Realizing I could not ware all the different “hats” required of a business owner,  I went back to the traditional work force to support my family. With a burning desire to do better and work for myself,  I continue to strive  to do better and accomplish my dreams.

I realize how it is to go from a world of dreams and desires  to a world of questions and frustration. Thinking that you had a future of the American dream,  of prosperity and a better life than your parents did, was only a pipe dream for most of us. One thing I did learn early fortunately, was to have a Plan B.  Since then I have never given up on improving my position in all areas of my life, financially and personally.

One lesson I learned early in my journey of personal development is that those who are of service to most will succeed the most. That you have to give to get and the more you help others the more it will help you. This will reward you more than just financially.

I am willing to help those who also have the same desire to succeed and prosper.


Wayne Knapcik

Wayne Knapcik  “Strive To Build Your Dreams or Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs”
By Unknown



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